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The John Deere Model H      Well I dug the old H out from under a fig tree where it had been sitting for some 30 years. It had taken a big fall and both rear housings were broke completely off and the bullgear carrier was broke from the main housing. Then it froze up and broke the block on both sides big enough to put your fist through. Then the water jacket was broke and split and the bottom of the radiator was split.

The John Deere Model H       All these parts I welded back into usable shape and then I ringed the motor and ground the valves, got me a carb, fixed the tanks, mag, hoods and grills, and converted it to hand start because I don't like batteries to fool with.

The H at a show      I use it to pull my cord saw at shows and it runs very well and will work on occasions around my place. I enjoy running the H since my father had one when I was growing up.
Please turn the PAGE to see my Styled Model B.

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