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The 1953 John Deere Model 40      Well, here is another story and a pic of my 40 Standard. My buddy and I went looking for parts one Saturday afternoon in the late fall. Someone had told me about a man who may have some parts but when we got up there all he had was the wrong color (red), ha ha, but he talked to us and then told us about an old Deere in some woods a few miles from there so away we went. It was way back in the sticks but we found the house. I knocked on the door on one end of the house and she came out at the other end. I assured her of my intentions and she got her husband out and he said yes he had one in a briar patch aways from the house. He said come and take a look. We walked up the drive a ways up a hill and then he pointed down and said thar it is, It was a 1953 John Deere 40 Standard growed up in bushes and briars with a big pine tree across the hood. It had been there about 8 years. We hacked down to it and looked it over good. I looked at my buddy and said one of us has got to get it. At that time I really did not want to get another one. You see I am happily married to the same woman for 32 years and I wanted to keep it that way. She had said enough is enough!! So my Buddy said O.K. He would take it. On the way home and that night he thought about it and changed his mind about getting it. I ended up with one more. Now guys, you can get away without telling her much one time in 32 years and this was my chance. We went back, took the carb off cleaned it out good and replaced the points, condenser and rotor and distributor cap, washed the tank out, cleaned the ants from the starter and freed it up , put a battery in it and some gas, turned it over and it popped off . Man, what a feeling that was seeing it come to life in that briar patch. It run a minute but the clutch was stuck to the flywheel so I shut it off, put it in gear and restarted it and backed it out to the truck. After a few months work you can see what I saved. It is a good tractor to use and will surprise you at the power it has. It is the first year of the live lift and has a full 3 point hitch. Deere had come a long ways and was to go a lot further in its future.
The 1941John Deere Model L      That reminds me about the time a guy I work with come into the shop one day and said he knew a lady who had an old Deere tractor and said it had been sitting in the woods for about 9 years. He said she would sell it to someone who would take care of it and and he told her I would. I called her and she returned my call and we traveled that Saturday about 250 miles to look at it with my buddy's trailer in tow. I figured if it was anything like she said it was comming home with me. It was so hot that day and real humid. We got there, found it in the woods and agreed on a price and got it all loaded up. It took me a few hours to fire it up. So far it is like it come out of the woods and it runs pretty good. All of them don't have to be real pretty as it shows but this one ain't going no further as long as I am breathing. Y'all enjoy it as much as I do!

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